Chopping Boards for Smile Kitchens

Client: Smile Kitchens

At Signs & Graphics Bolton Ltd, we thrive on turning imaginative ideas into striking realities with our innovative signage solutions. Our recent endeavour with Smile Kitchens presented a unique challenge that allowed us to showcase our commitment to precision and creativity. Smile Kitchens, a prominent player in the industry, entrusted us with a distinctive task: they wanted their company name laser engraved onto a bespoke chopping board for a special kitchen display. With enthusiasm and expertise, we took on this creative opportunity.

Crafting a Remarkable Chopping Board

For this project, we carefully selected the finest materials to create a chopping board that would not only be functional but also serve as an eye-catching promotional piece. The laser engraving process was meticulously executed, resulting in an elegant integration of Smile Kitchens’ name into the kitchen display.

A Fusion of Functionality and Promotion

The bespoke chopping board seamlessly blends functionality with promotional value. Beyond its practical use in the kitchen, it proudly showcases Smile Kitchens’ branding in a visually captivating manner, making it a conversation piece in any setting.

Delighted Customers and Proud Creators

Smile Kitchens was overjoyed with the end product, and so were we. This project exemplifies our dedication to bringing creative ideas to life and our commitment to exceeding client expectations.

Ready for Your Unique Project

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