Branded Acrylic LED Lit Sign

Client: Amazon MAN3 Fulfillment Center

Signs & Graphics Bolton Ltd recently had the privilege of working with the Amazon MAN3 Fulfillment Center in Farnworth, Bolton, to create a one-of-a-kind entrance hall display that leaves a lasting impression on staff and visitors alike. Our team was tasked with designing and installing a truly unique feature for their greenery and floral display area, and the result was nothing short of spectacular.

Bespoke Acrylic LED Signage: Amazon MAN3 Fulfillment Center in Farnworth, Bolton

Our in-house experts worked diligently to craft bespoke built-up acrylic letters, meticulously forming the “MAN 3” text, with the iconic Amazon arrow branding positioned elegantly below. What sets this sign apart is the integration of cutting-edge LED lighting, strategically placed behind the acrylic letters. This innovation not only highlights the sign’s design but also brings a dynamic and captivating ambiance to the entrance hall, day and night, complementing the beautiful and stylish backdrop.

The impact of this unique acrylic LED lit sign was immediate. As soon as it was unveiled, Amazon MAN3 Fulfillment Center’s management and visitors were overwhelmed with the transformation it brought to the space. The sign not only reflects the center’s branding but also adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to the environment.

Transform Your Brand with Our Unique Branded Acrylic LED Lit Sign

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