Transformative Signage Solutions: Elevating LPE Services Ltd’s Brand

Client: LPE Services Ltd in Farnworth

At Signs & Graphics Bolton Ltd, we take pride in our ability to turn concepts into captivating reality, as exemplified in our recent project for LPE Services Ltd in Farnworth. Our team crafted three unique black signage creations that left our client thrilled and us immensely satisfied.

1. Black Stencil Cut Tray Sign with Stand Off Logo and LED Lighting

One of our standout creations included a black stencil cut tray sign featuring stand off logo and letters, brilliantly illuminated with LED lighting. This innovative design not only enhances visibility but also adds a touch of sophistication to the entire setup.

2. Black Tray Sign with Stand Off Logo and Letters

We also designed a sleek black tray sign with stand off logo and letters, creating a striking visual impact. The attention to detail and precision in crafting this sign reflects our dedication to quality.

3. Flat Black Panel with Vinyl Overlay to Shutter Box

Additionally, we transformed a flat black panel by adding vinyl overlay, seamlessly integrating it into a shutter box. This unique approach combined functionality with aesthetics, showcasing our versatility in signage solutions.

Unique Black Signage Creations: Ready to Elevate Your Branding?

If you’re seeking transformative signage solutions for your business, look no further. Our team is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life. For quotations and inquiries regarding any signage work, please contact us at 01204 384040 or through this page. Let us elevate your brand’s presence and make a lasting impression, just like we did for LPE Services Ltd.


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